The Smogware project aims to activate people, and let each of us think about the complex topic air quality and the roles that can be taken. It is about finding connections and enable local citizens and connect them with scientist, craftsmen and entrepreneurs. It stimulates the development of networks and connects activists around the globe, in the shared interest that everyone breathes. You can participate in the project on various ways.


By purchasing a Smogware item you support the project, and become an ambassador of the project. You receive a unique hand made concept item.  To receive more information regarding the possibilities, you can send an email to or


A workshop as a support of an ongoing debate about air quality, connecting people from unusual domains. Part of the program can be a presentation, or as a way of participative urban mining, people can go harvesting the dust in their most polluted city roads. This dust can collectively be developed into a glaze that can be applied on a porcelain surface. After firing in a kiln it is ready to give back to the participants.



The Smogware tableware can be rented for events. The items can be used as a communicative instrument within the event. For example, coffee cups have been used in a meeting by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

Political Instrument

Special editions can be made in order to support a (political) momentum. Like the ‘Ambition cups’ developed for the members of the Dutch Camber commission Infrastructure in The Hague.

the World Table

A simpler way to participate in the Smogware project is by putting on gloves and collect the dust and send it to Smogware Studio Rotterdam. Together we will examine whether a plate can be developped for the World Table. Send an email for further instructions.

Your local Smogware Studio

A tableware developed with the air pollution from your own living environment has the most impact. Even the more if it is completely developed in your own city. There is a possibility to create a local Smogware Studio. The Rotterdam (head quarters) helps in finding connections, between professionals, in the field of air quality, activist organizations and ceramist for example. The Rotterdam studio also provides all the knowledge needed to set up a local studio. In the long term there will be a network of Smogware studio, connecting, sharing knowledge.

For more information or other options and ideas you are welcome to send an email. of .