About the initiators

Iris de Kievith and Annemarie Piscaer have initiated Lab Air, a collaboration aimed at making the abstract problems that occur in the air visible and experienceable – particulate matter, nitrogen, CO2. In their first project, Smogware, they investigated particulate matter, the most tangible of the polluters. Annemarie and Iris work from an overlapping interest in (re)use of materials and because they see the need for a healthier living environment. Iris with the overarching interest for man and its living environment. Annemarie with the notion that everything can be used as a material sources, even the invisible fine dust.

Iris de Kievith  (left) worked since her study at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the TU Delft (NL) as an independent architect at reallocation projects, focussing on transformation challenges. Stating ”if the environment shapes who you are – what environment do you want to create?”

Annemarie Piscaer (right) studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and Master Education in Arts at Piet Zwart Institute. In 2014  she started Studio Dust, a design studio focusing on research and design regarding waste-streams. With the thought that everything has a value even dust, ‘from dust to dust’. She teaches among others at Academy Sint Joost and Design Academy Eindhoven.


At one of the projects of the Rotterdam based CityLab ‘air quality’ Iris and Annemarie met. This City Lab proved a big network of various experts in the field.
Smogware is collaborating with amongst others: Municipality of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, SundayMorning@ekwc, RIVM, DCMR, the dutch Lung-fund, CityLab ‘air quality’, MilieudefensieDutch Cuisine , , University of applied science of Amsterdam AMFI, Amstel IJpark, Knowledge Mile, BRAK IJmuiden, Waag, Handmade in Brugge, Fiction Forum Berlin,

The Smogware project is financially supported by DOEN Participaties, Creative Fund NL, The Embassy of the Netherlands in Beijing. The development of the prototype was supported by the Municipality Rotterdam, St. Volkskracht. And was nominated for the New Material Award 2018 and winner of the Job Dura Prijs 2018 with the Rotterdam based CityLab ‘air quality’ .