The Hague


With the air pollution of The Hague (where the Dutch government is based) sets of tableware were developed for three occasions. The Smogware sets were offered as a “communicative instrument” to politicians and policymakers (… of course!). On one of those occasions, the officials were even involved in collecting the dust, getting their hands dirty.

“ …mister chairman, which cup would you drink your coffee from?”

House of Representatives

In September 2019, the Lung Fund, together with pulmonologists, presented a petition urging more ambition to the members of the Chamber Committee of Infrastructure and Water Management, responsible for the Clean Air Agreement; especially urging more speed to the introduction of measures, to ensure that the air becomes better as soon as possible. All members of the Parliamentary Committee were offered a Smogware coffee cup in support of this petition, as an encouragement at their daily coffee.
In addition, two ‘ambition cups’ were offered to the chairman of the committee. On the two cups, the difference has been made clear between current air pollution and the amount that the WHO recommends as a limit. This would mean a reduction of 30% for the situation in The Hague. The colours of the two cups are clearly different. The two cups of coffee were served under loud chatter from cameras. “The question is to you, Mr. Chairman, which cup do you prefer to drink your coffee?”
RTL News made 
this report.

Province of South-Holland

During the ‘sustainable lunch café’ organised by the province of South-Holland, the question was asked ‘Do you dare to eat from a Smogware set? ‘ Confronting; the subject of their own policy became tangible. All the more because the served coffee cup was made with the dust collected by their fellow officials. Together with Iris they harvested the settled dust along the close by highway and from facades of the Provincial House. The set is in an exhibition in the Provincial House….Under a bell jar, or do they dare eating from it?

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

The complete series of espresso cups made of Hague air pollution is installed in one of the exhibitions of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. To inspire a green reconstruction after the crisis…