The air we breath in our cities is poor. Unnoticed every day, we inhale soot, nitrogen oxides and poisonous particulate matter. Scientists have established that there are no ‘safe’ levels of air pollution. Indeed, polluted air is the greatest environmental risk to public health in the UK.

In response, Ceramic Art London 2022 is hosting ‘On Air’, an exhibition using smog particulates, clay, glaze, ceramics and clay stop-frame animation to make this invisible threat tangible and memorable. It aims to provoke discussion and debate – to be a call to action.

This exhibition is an international collaboration featuring five artists, from UK and around the world: Smogware’s provocative teacups coloured with smog-stained glazes, Kim Abeles’s challenging work allowing ambient particulate matter to fall on commemorative plates revealing portraits of world leaders and their statements on air quality. Glaze specialist Linda Bloomfield represents lichen in glazes, as early-indicators of air pollution, Jasmine Pradissitto sculpts poignantly in Noxtek, a ceramic geopolymer capable of absorbing nitrogen dioxide and Jo Pearl combines ceramics with clay animation to bring to life the sensation of gasping for breath.

Have a look at all the dialogues with the artists of  ‘On Air’ and other guests at our Smogware Instagram page.

This exhibition is made possible thanks to the kind support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Craft Potters Association.

Curated by Iris de Kievith, Jo Pearl, Annemarie Piscaer