People at Berlin Fiction Forum realise that bad air is not only a local problem. In its experimental space for art and design the organisation likes to initiate discussion about possible future scenarios that are healthy, fair and sustainable. In this space where art and design are shown, they host discussions about possible future scenarios, “Clean air for everyone” is a vision of the future that fits very well. The purchase of the Rotterdam Smogware set for the Fiction Forum exhibition to inspire Berliners shows that there is cross-border thinking.

To collect the dust for the development of a Berlin edition, a workshop was organised in November 2019. A group of about 20 participants collected 60 grams of dust in an hour by scraping it off ridges of the Haubtbahnhoff. Especially the parts around the exit of the car tunnel that runs under this station a lot of dust was found. Then participants could use the air pollurion they collected as a glaze for a sample of porcelain. Each participant received his or her own sample two weeks later, fired by a local ceramicist connected to Fiction Forum. A participating journalist wrote an article (in German) about this in the Heise “I have never been so happy and upset at the same time at cleaning to retrieve the perfect dirt.


 “cleaning to retrieve the perfect dirt

In the Rotterdam studio a Berlin edition was made with the leftover material. This set is now part of the collection of Fiction Forum. As a tangible proof of this present which will hopefully turn out to be a strangely unhealthy era in the future.hopefully a strangely unhealthy era in the future.